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Sandra Dyson Rodríguez


Sandra enlisted in the United States Peace Corps before teaching English at the Venezuelan Ministry of Education and Ministry of Defense from 1964 to 1972, becoming a Chairperson of the English Department there. Since then, Sandra has taught English as a Second Language and Spanish at the University of Houston and served as Director of International Students at the University of Houston Downtown, co-founded SpanTran Educational Services, and advised international students at Rice University before establishing SDR Educational Consultants in 1999. As a comparative education researcher, Sandra has authored country profiles for the AACRAO’s Electronic Database for Global Education and NAFSA’s “A Guide to Educational Systems Around the World.” She has given numerous presentations, including papers at NAFSA, AACRAO, and other conferences and meetings, served as a Trainer in NAFSA’s Professional Development Program, mentored at the NAFSA Academy, and received several Certificate of Recognition Awards, an Outstanding Service in International Education Award, and a Partnership Award from NAFSA. She holds Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Linguistics, is a Certified Translator through American Translators Association (ATA), and is a member of a number of professional organizations including ATA, NAFSA, and the Association of International Credentials Evaluators (AICE).

Hany Arafat

President, Senior Evaluator

With an academic background at both the undergraduate and graduate levels emphasizing international relations and comparative politics, Hany has worked as an evaluator of international credentials since 2005, first with SpanTran Educational Services and, currently, with SDR Educational Consultants. He is bilingually fluent in Arabic and English, and has the ability to research in both languages. As a comparative education researcher, Hany has authored country profiles for NAFSA’s “A Guide to Educational Systems Around the World”, contributed to a NAFSA publication highlighting the educational system in Saudi Arabia, given presentations at NAFSA regionals, as well as to representatives of regional institutions of higher education and cultural organizations on the evaluation of foreign credentials, and participated in a number of professional conferences and seminars in the field. In 2011, he received a certificate of recognition recognizing his efforts and contributions at a regional conference organized and hosted by Houston Community College.

Norma Rocha

Customer Service Manager

Having worked in the field of international credentials for nearly two decades, Norma Rocha is uniquely equipped to address any questions our clients may have related to country-specific documents required for evaluation, as well as explain all company processes and policies. At present, Norma Rocha is the manager of our Customer Service Department, helping ensure that any questions or inquiries our clients have are addressed in an efficient and prompt manner.

Curious about applying?

SDR’s online and PDF applications are available here.

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Curious about applying?

An Evaluation will describe your foreign studies for use in the U.S. A Translation will convert documents in another language into English. SDR’s online and PDF applications are available here.

Evaluation Translation


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